Writing copy that touches the Heart and gets readers to sign up

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You’ve probably heard the quote The money is in the list. Having a big email list is great for your business – but it is not really about the list. It’s about the Love that is in your list – the value you bring and the relationship you can establish. That’s why it’s important to Write Copy that touches the hearts of your readers and gets them to sign up – to show you they love the value you share. Learn how to write copy that touches hearts and you’ll grow your list with members that you have a relationship for a lifetime.

LOVE is in the LIST

Make these changes and you’ll have relationships for a lifetime. Check your emails, pages and posts on these 4 items. When you feel your post, your eyes tear up and your heart starts to glow, you know you are on the right track. Keep this in mind.

  • Make your copy about your customers
  • Show compassion and understanding
  • Help solve a problem they were having
  • Show them you care – and love them!


How to write Copy that touches hearts

When you are building a relationship it’s time to get personal. Truly get to know your client; their interests, their guilty pleasures, their struggles and their motivation. Everything you would know about your Best Friend.

  • Be open and honest about Who you are and What value you bring to their life.
  • Stay true to your Values so you can always be Transparent and Honest

Tell them your story. Use your about me page for the full story, but you can also use phrases like these in your Opt-in page and emails.

“If I were in your shoes …”

Share your needs, wants, doubts, fears and struggles and what you used to overcome these. Bring them to the solution of a problem they are having. Be very Helpful and understanding.

“I remember I was in your situation just a few years ago. I was too afraid to speak my truth and believed that people were calling me crazy. I was just scraping by and my self-confidence was very low due to my recent burn-out and getting fired. But there was an inner voice inside of me that started to get louder. It was helping me, guiding me and making me believe that there was a future brighter than I could imagine. I had been alone for a long time and felt lost, trying to find my way... But since I connected to my Higher Self and that Inner voice that was guiding me, I have never felt alone again.”

Tell them your Why

Tell them why you care. Share your Mission with your readers (but keep it aimed at why that is important to them). Keep the focus on your customer. Share how important this mission is to you and how much you want them to succeed. Be open hearted and Soulful.

“…. This is mission is important to me, because I want you to be Happy with your Life. I want you to feel that you are enough, that you feel complete and that you build up the confidence and the courage to make your dreams come true.” When you succeed in making your dreams come true, you are playing your part in the big Change this Earth is going through right now. And that’s why we need each other. The world needs us right now. The Earth needs us. We are on this planet for a reason and I’m here to help remind you of your Mission and Show you How you can live your mission. I love you and I see great potential in you. When you blossom you will light up the world around you. And my heart just fills with so much Love and Joy when I imagine this already being true.”

Do you see what I’ve done here.

I have made the bigger picture of my Why into the stage on which the customer stands to shine. I have made it all about them and conquer their hearts by making them part of my mission – an essential part. And most probably they also resonate with that bigger mission, so they will feel called to take action after I do them an offer.

Create a Trust-based long-lasting Relationship

Making someone open up to you is the Best place for a Trust-based long-lasting Relationship. So you‘ll want to invoke their inner motivation. You want them to feel heard, loved and safe. And then you want them to feel they can trust you and want to open up to you.

How you do this is show them that you were once in their shoes, that you have what they need and you have experience guiding people like them to the solution they seek.

Show that you will be there once customers start to share their personal stories. You can do this with a visual, with opening up a facebook group where you will post regular video’s and foto’s. Show them you are a person, just like them. Reward them with your attention and your love. Acknowledge how courages it is to open up like that. And offer a solution. Help them with small advice or a comforting story  or success story of one of your clients.

Showing your expertise is not always about the diploma’s you can show off. It is more about the pure help you can offer your clients. Using testimonials is what will really win over the hearts of your customer. When they see how you treat others, they would want to be that person. They would want that to be them.

Emotional triggers

Know your cliënt so well that you also know their emotional triggers, their worries, doubts and fears. Before you make the close, the irresistible offer let them know that you can see right through them. Point out some of the common fears and doubts you have seen with your clients. Help them to break through some of the inner conflicts they might have. Show them what will be the result if they won’t take you up on your offer. Be Loving and understanding and guide them through this process.

Use the emotional triggers that you have. Fear, Guilt, Indifference, Doubts, Insecurity. Pick one that you know your customer is most triggered by and lead them to a solution.

… I know you must be feeling like a young kid on your first day at school, not sure what to do or what is to be expected of you. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it seems. Sure it’s all new and you don’t know what’s coming. That’s what is creating the anxiety in your mind and body. But I promise you that once you take this step you will feel a shift that your future self will thank you for. Growth always goes with certain growth-pain as I like to call it. There is nothing we can do to stop that feeling. But what we can do, is label that pain differently. It is a sign of growth. The discomfort of breaking out of your comfort-zone. It’s going to be alright. Soon this new life you are creating for yourself will become comfortable as well. But first you need to be willing to be a bit uncomfortable in order to Change your Life and ….

Be honest and willing to admit that what they are feeling is natural. Help them to see things differently of to deal with the discomfort. Giving them a valuable tool or great advice won’t go unnoticed. It means that you DO understand them and that you have what it is they need.

Show your expertise in a loving and caring way. Show them that you care.

Be mindful though that you close the emotional trigger with something positive. You won’t want your reader to run away scared and go licking their wounds somewhere else. Give them a solution they can implement right away and makes them nod their heads.

Get them to sign up

Now you have established your relationship, you have shown that you care and that you have the solution to their problem. You have proven that you can help them break through the blocks they might experience, so now it’s time to show them your offer. Or let it be more of an invitation.

Because you did the relationship building in your copy and you have touched their hearts, it’s just a small step to lead them to signing up with you. It’s the Love and the Value that you bring that will convince your customers. You have just shown that you Understand them and you have exactly what they need.

Create a simple sign up form with a great headline, reminding them on Why it is important to Them.

99 out of a 100 readers will feel a yes when you do the connection part right and trigger them the right way. 

That’s why you should connect to them on a personal level, touch their hearts and show them the value of working with you all in your first contact. They won’t forget you. And if they don’t sign up right away I’m sure they will come back to you on the moment that they need your help.

Soulful writing works

This way of Soulful writing is something that Works. Because it is building a personal relationship. You now have a face and a voice to your readers. You have listened to their problems and showed that you care. You have even helped them solve one of their problems. That is worth more than anything.

Making an energetic and personal connection is not something many businesses do. That’s where they are missing out. There is so much that you can do for your customers and they need to feel that you care and that you are the real deal. Otherwise they will just scroll on and go the second best.

Writing from your heart and knowing your customers is what is going to make the difference in your business and in the relationship you build with your customers. It’s essential that you remind yourself about the 4 pillars of soulful writing.

  • Make it about them
  • Show compassion and understanding
  • Help solve a problem
  • Show them that you care

And remember the most important thing of all Love is in the List.

Create your content with your cliënts in mind and build that beautiful loving relationship that you and your customers will cherish for a lifetime.

Happy writing,


Ananda Copywriting





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