Playful and Fun e-course to attract more clients with Authentic Marketing. 

5 modules full of inspiration and motivation to get yourself fired up and ready for visibility and attraction. 


I've seen you:

... take the first steps online, and then hide away again.

... put yourself in the spotlight, but not getting the results you want.

... trying to be somone you are not, and attracting the wrong audience. 

You do amazing work and create incredible results for your clients, but how are other people going to know you do...

I know you have it in you to serve a bigger audience and make an impact doing what you love. 

Become fearless, visible, confident. memorable and attractive to your ideal clients. 

I've seen you Hide, Struggle and Almost give up

I know from experience it can be hard to come out and speak your truth, when nobody seems to understand what you do. I 've struggled with my self-confidence, visibility and lack of motivation too. I know what it's like to seem invisible and hear crickets when you post something. 


That has changed for me these last years and it's going to change for you too! 


Get inspired

Learn how to write with inspiration. With your passion and true voice you will grow into the person this world needs you to be. Step into the spotlight and show the world who you can be. 

Get motivated

Never miss a marketing deadline again. Get motivated for your day and serve your clients in the best way possible, so they absolutely love and adore you. Plus have a lot of fun doing it!!

Get clients

Become a magnet for your ideal clients. Spread your message with so much joy and love that people will start coming to you, asking: How can I work with you? 

Who is Nanda and what's her vision?

My name is Nanda and I'm a freelance copywriter and marketing coach who loves to work with soul entrepreneurs like you and help them bring out their message to the world. 

I am here to help you with your marketing, so you can serve the world with your gift! I know how valuable your gift is and that you were meant for greatness!! I acknowledge that. Without the right support and marketing no one is going to know about  it. 


With Authentic Marketing you will speak directly to your ideal clients and attract them with Love, Ease and Joy

Are you ready?


  • to step into your greatness with confidence
  • to show up and be visible with your mission 
  • to spread your truth with authenticity and ease
  • to become a magnet for your ideal audience? 

You were born to do this...


You will learn ... 

- to create a clear message that sparks the interest of your ideal audience

- become more confident in speaking your truth

- connect to your audience through your marketing in an authentic voice

- to become visible and attractive to the right audience

- write your marketing from a place of Inspiration

- create a marketing strategy which will attract clients with ease, love and joy. 

The Authentic Marketing Course modules


Module 1: Discover your Unique Marketing Message

Module 2: Grow your Confidence to speak your Truth

Module 3: Work from Inspiration

Module 4: Share your Authentic Voice the marketing way

Module 5: Grow your audience with Love, Ease and Joy 

Regular price € 199,00  ONLY THIS WEEK € 111,00 

VIP price € 349,00 ONLY THIS WEEK € 222,00

What you will get


5 modules intensive authentic marketing training 

weekly groupcalls on demand

personal workbook pdf

a close community of likeminded spirits

1 marketing message session 1-on-1 


#1 Social Media Planner

#2 E-book "write your life into existence"

Naturally Create the Success that you desire

When you start to Align with your Greatness, become Confident in speaking your Truth and become visible with your Message and your greatest gifts, there is a magical moment where everything comes together. That moment that your message reaches the right audience and they find in you exactly what they have been looking for. A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN. 


That's how I see it... 


That you have come to this page for a reason. 

That some how you resonate with my message and with my energetic blueprint.

I have given my 100% to get this message out to you, and I did it with a lot of Love, Ease and Joy.

See... that's how Authentic Marketing works. 


It's the perfect balance between True Connection to your Spiritual Self and Marketing = connecting to your ideal audience. I hope you want to make this journey together. Because the world is waiting for you and I've got what it takes to Translate your Message to the world, to become a Magnet for Success and to Transform your marketing into a Party for you and your clients. 


I would love, love, love to work with you, 

Love Nanda 


This Early bird offer closes in a few days... 

Regular price € 199,00 now € 111,00 

VIP price € 349,00 now € 222,00


Be honest to yourself and feel in your heart if this is what you need:

  • more confidence and inner strength
  • more alignment with your message
  • more inspiration to write the right thing
  • more clients and easier ways to reach them


If your answer to all of those questions is YES, than there is only one thing you can do! 

Subscribe for this Transformational and Easy to learn Authentic Marketing Course. 


* After your subscription Nanda will contact you for your 1-on-1 marketing message session and the course will start at the end of this month. Don't wait for the last minute, because prices will go up in a week. 

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